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PBS Concessions Policy and Obligations

Concession Policies

  • Shift sign up must be done by a specific date each year. â€‹If you are not registered for your shifts, you will not be allowed to pick up your child’s uniform! â€‹ Uniform pickup date/time/location will be announced.
  • A postdated check for $200 will be required at uniform pickup. To keep lines moving, please have your check written out and have your shifts picked out prior to uniform pickup.

Concession Obligation 


  • 2, 2-hour shifts per family will be required of League players. Please note that if you play Competitive League for baseball or Tournament Team for softball, you are still required League volunteer hours. 

    • A family is defined as a single household. For example, if you have 2 baseball players and 1 softball player, your commitment is still 2, 2-hour shifts. 
  • You can choose to work 1, 4-hour shift on a weekend, instead of 2, 2-hour shifts, to fulfill your League commitment. This may be the only option as the signup goes on as there are only so many 2 hour shifts available. 
  • ​​A family who has a Head Coach of a Baseball or Softball League team is exempt from League Concession Duties


  • 1, 4-hour shift per player will be required for Tournament players.  This shift must be during a weekend (Fri – Sun, or Thursday of the Polka Days Softball tournament) and is in addition to the League hours.

    • Players include all softball and baseball players for a single household. For example, if you have 1 baseball player and 1 softball player, you are required 8 hours.  
  • A tournament player whose parent is the Head Coach is exempt from the 4 hours for that player only. If you have multiple tournament players, you must still work 1, 4-hour shift per player whose team you are not Head Coach of. 

High School

  • High School players/parents are required to work 2, 4-hour tournament shifts for a total of 8 hours. These 8 hours cover all of the required obligations for High School players.

Summer time ball

  • Any school games/invitationals/weekends during school eligible time (booster club requirements) do not count for summer time ball concession hours.
  • Summer time ball concession hours must be worked during our Polka Days tournament.
  • High school league only player is a 4 hour requirement and must be worked on a weekend.
    - High school tournament player is an 8 hour requirement and must be worked during our Polka Days tournament.